Is My Business Required to Register?

Yes, if part of your business requires interstate travel, then you must submit your Unified Carrier Registration. In 2005, the federal government passed a law that all individuals or companies that operate commercial motor vehicles across state or international lines must pay an annual fee based on the size of their fleet. This fee helps maintain public roads and invests in driver safety programs. It is mandatory to register every year you are in business. Don’t waste money on unnecessary fines or worse. Let us help you register your vehicle or whole fleet today!

What if My State is not Part of the UCR Agreement?

You still must submit your Unified Carrier Registration if your business crosses state or federal lines. Canadian-based businesses and drivers who reside in states that don’t participate in the UCR Agreement still need to follow the Unified Carrier Registration Act of 2005. Don’t get caught at the border without properly registering first. Drivers caught on the road without proper registration are subject to fines and can even have their vehicle impounded. We can help you find a state to register with and get yourself safely back on the road.

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